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Sister Bea LaFramboiseSister Beatrice LaFramboise has been a Sister of Providence for 45 years and is presently doing vocation ministry for her community. Sister Beatrice visits Catholic schools, youth and young adult conventions and rallies to share about the life of Catholic sisters today. She also has a deep care and love of ministry to the homeless and those in need.

I am fondly recalling the spring season, in which I experience vitality and lots of colors when I see a sunrise early in the morning and see the sunset each evening. I usually do some walking, in the morning to church and in the evening from the bus stop to my home. I love to walk, see nature and breathe in the fresh air.

Usually once a year I travel to Burbank, Calif., to do vocation presentations at Providence High School and attend the Religious Education Conference in Los Angeles. The past three years during those visits I have walked the Los Angeles Marathon. Yes, that’s 26.2 miles! This year I wanted to do it for my 65th birthday. It was a different route and rain was predicted, which did not make me happy. And the cost for the race was higher than I anticipated. I had a specific conversation with God about that. I traveled to an area where one would expect sun, or at least warmer weather than Seattle in November, when the Seattle Marathon is held.

I did pretty well for the first part of the marathon, and then for the last five miles I was dragging. I hit the wall, as they say. The weather was cool and not raining. However, I made the mistake of changing what I usually wear. I gave up my usual walking tennis shoes because I thought they would be soaked and I couldn’t afford to get sick. Instead, I wore a cute pair of socks that looks like gloves for your toes. I learned the hard way about what one already knows: Do not wear anything new on the day of the marathon! I hadn’t broken in my other pair of walking shoes and the cute socks were not appropriate for walking a marathon. I learned a great lesson at 65 years old.

I did complete the marathon and it wasn’t the worst timing I’ve ever had. I thought it was, but I checked my time from other years and I was 35 minutes better than my first LA Marathon. All of life we’re on a race to be open and present to God as we experience abundance of love and graces. We just have to take our time to breathe in the Spirit, smell the flowers and notice the sunrise and sunsets. Blessings on your travels through life.