:: About Us

We are the Sisters of Providence … today.

Mother Joseph Province Leadership Team, 2010-14 (from left): Provincial Superior and Team Leader Karin Dufault, SP; Provincial Secretary Karen Lauby; Provincial Councilor Jo Ann Showalter, SP; Provincial Councilor Maureen Newman, SP; Provincial Treasurer Jennifer Hall; and Provincial Councilor Judith Desmarais, SP.

Mother Joseph Province Leadership Team, 2010-14

True to our founding principles, we put our faith in God’s Providence and our energies into works that include education, parish ministry, health care, community service and support, housing, prison ministry, pastoral care, spiritual direction, retreats and foreign missions.

In everything that we do, the love of Christ impels us to respond to the cry of the poor and the vulnerable with concrete actions.

Smaller in number, but no less active

Sisters of Providence are smaller in number today, true, but we are no less active in pursing a more just and compassionate society.

We strive to be a model for unity in a fractured world.

Joined on our journey by Providence Associates and other lay people committed to the mission of Providence, we are moving into the future with renewed commitment to the call of the Gospel.

We are daring to live our charism in an evolving world.


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