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So, whose voices will you hear in these blog posts?

Before the introductions, some common terms related to the transition into religious life may be useful to know.

As a candidate, a sister-to-be spends one or two years living in the religious community while ministering and/or continuing to attend school.

During her novitiate, a woman spends two years exploring in depth the call to vowed life in the religious community.

First (temporary) vows
After taking her first vows, a woman spends between three and six years living in community under the temporary vows of poverty, chastity and obedience, and sharing in full-time ministry.

Final (permanent vows)
When a woman has completed her first vows, she is prepared to make her permanent commitment within the religious community.

You’ll find more about the transitions to religious life in the vocations section of the Sisters of Providence website.

The Bloggers

Sister Marita Capili, age 45, is a novice who was born in the Philippines, lived in Guam and later moved to the United States. She currently lives with three other sisters at the novitiate in Spokane while taking two classes at Gonzaga University and volunteering at L’Arche.
Sister Hong Nga Nguyen, age 25, made temporary vows on September 25, 2011. She is from Vietnam and is studying English and math at Seattle Central Community College. She lives with four other sisters in Seattle.
Sister Rosa Nguyen, age 27, also made temporary vows on September 25, 2011. She was born in Vietnam and is attending Spokane Community College for her AA degree while living with four other sisters in Spokane.
Sister Vilma FrancoSister Vilma Franco, age 32, recently renewed her temporary vows. She was born in El Salvador and lives with four sisters in Spokane. She is taking classes at Spokane Community College and then at Spokane Falls Community College towards a degree in early childhood education.
Sister Margarita Hernandez, age 31, is a sister in temporary vows and was born in El Salvador.  She is living with four sisters in Seattle while studying English (as a Second Language) and math at Seattle Central Community College to obtain her AA degree.
Sister Jessica Taylor, age 39, grew up in Burien, Wash., and is a sister in temporary vows. She currently is studying for a master’s degree in pastoral counseling at the School of Theology at Seattle University. She lives with four sisters in Seattle.
Sister Beatrice LaFramboise was born in San Francisco and entered the Sisters of Providence in 1965. She is a former director of Providence Regina House and Providence Hospitality House. She currently is a member of the Vocation Committee. She has been involved with Spiritual Exercises in Everyday Living (SEEL) and does vocation presentations at Catholic grade and high schools.
Sister Joan GallagherAnd finally, me, Sister Joan Gallagher,vocation director for the Sisters of Providence, whom you met in the last blog post. You also on occasion will hear from others in this space, including a candidate seeking entry into the religious community and from women involved in a Come & See experience as they explore their vocation.Welcome to our blog. We are excited about sharing and dialoguing with you.

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